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A new and unique prediction for cue-search in a parallel constraint satisfaction network model: The attraction search effect
Aug, 2017
Mood and risky decision making
Sep, 2016
Parallel Constraint Satisfaction model: Information search and attention
Jun, 2016


Open Science

Open Science Initiative at the FernUniversität in Hagen

Coherence based reasoning and rationality

DFG funded project (2011-2014) in the SPP1516 New Frameworks of Rationality


PCS-DM Online App

Derive predictions for the PCS-DM model


I have supervised about 200 Bachelor and 10 Master-theses at FernUniversität in Hagen since 2015; I supervised master- and bachelor-theses at University of Göttingen and at University of Bonn

I am a teaching instructor for the following courses at the FernUniversität in Hagen:

  • Bachelor class about preparing a Bachelor thesis
  • Bachelor class about statistical analyses and open science link to slides
  • Bachelor class about artificial neuronal networks in psychology link to slides
  • Bachelor class about computational modeling of learning

In the past, I taught the following courses:

  • Workshop (invited) on panel data analysis / complex regression models at 3rd EADM JDM Summer School (together with Andreas Glöckner) [course language: English] link to slides
  • Workshop (invited) on spreading activation network models in decision making at the international summer school on Theories and Methods in Judgment and Decision Making Research organized by the DFG research unit Contextualized Decision Making [course language: English]
  • Workshop on cognitive modeling in decision making at 8th Annual Judgment and Decision Making Workshop for Early-Career Researchers [course language: English]
  • Three short lectures (invited) on cognitive modeling of decision making at University of Erfurt
  • Advanced class on cognitive modeling at University of Göttingen
  • Advanced class on item-response theory at University of Göttingen link to slides
  • Bachelor class on test-theory at University of Göttingen
  • Workshop Rewards of Simulations in Psychology at 5th Judgment and Decision Making Workshop for Young Researchers [course language: Englisch]
  • Advanced workshops (invited) on modeling cognitive and social processes in R at University of Mannheim, University of Marburg, and University of Landau
  • Bachelor classes on computer assisted data analysis, introduction to R, empirical-experimental practical, introduction to psychology, and the psychology of emotions at University of Bonn